OnTrackMedia Indonesia (OTMI) is a local organization that specialises in public awareness campaigns and media consultancy.

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What They Said

  • "BNP2TKI would like to give its appreciation to the NGO OnTrack Media, who have shown their concern through the dissemination of information on how to migrate safely, so that people may learn how to protect themselves and their communities."
    Benyamin Suprayoga, Special Staff for the Deputy of Placement, BNP2TKI
  • "Congratulations to OnTrackMedia and ACILS/ICMC for their support to this event! This is an example of excellent cooperation among local/national government, local NGO and international organizations. Congratulations again!"
    Maria Ining Nuraini, Project Development Specialist, Democratic and Decentralized Governance, USAID
  • "On Track Media is a rare find, an organization that truly does empower the people of Indonesia to use their voice - you give them the tools and confidence to stand-up and communicate across any medium."
    Zach Abraham, Regional Communication Delegate, American Red Cross
  • "OnTrack Media provided exceptional ideas on various media and efforts that could reach out and impact far more people than the Solidarity Center and ICMC had ever thought of or tried in the past."..."Our Indonesian government and NGO partners have reported to us that the training video, manual and kit have been a tremendously useful tool in their efforts to combat human trafficking. The ideas for these tools were introduced to us and implemented by OnTrack Media to our great satisfaction. I highly recommend OnTrackMedia in their capacity to envision, develop and implement innovative and effective public awareness campaigns. The Solidarity Center has greatly valued and appreciated their roles in its counter-trafficking projects in Indonesia."
    Jamie Davis, ACILS Program Specialist
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