Hello Mister!

Client: U.S Embassy Date: May 3, 2010 Category: ,

Funder: US Embassy
Period: 2009-2010

Hello Mister!

OTMI conjunction with Amazing Productions, wrote, directed and produced a 13 episode TV Sinetron “Hello Mister.” Sponsored by the U.S Embassy, it is being hailed as the first truly educational soap opera in Indonesia. “Hello Mister!” has a humorous and dramatic plot, primarily designed to teach English but also incorporating messages about bird flu, human trafficking, public health, environment and  anti corruption.

“Hello Mister” was first broadcast on the state station TVRI in May 2010. It was the first Indonesia sinetron to be simultaneously broadcast on YouTube with all the vocabulary, classroom scenes and educational music videos repeated on Facebook, allowing viewers to do their “home work.” In less than 3 weeks more than 17,500 people were facebook fans. TVRI ran a repeat of the series in October 2010.

WHY “BuKan SiNeTron BiaSa”?

“Hello Mister!” is not like any other Sinetron in Indonesia. Its funny, exciting and most importantly is educational. The series was developed following independent research conducted in 2009 by Chicago University is US about speaking English. Indonesia led the poll in South East Asia of people who wanted to learn English. More than 90% believed that English is an essential ingredient to be successful in life. the Mojority said they had no access to English classes but really wanted to learn. “Hello Mister!” came about as a direct result of these findings.

The Sinetron brings English classes to the mass media, offering millions of viewers the chance to improve, practice or even start to learn English. At the end of each episode there is a short English class which allows the viewers to learn the vocabulary alongside the characters. The vocabulary is repeated on catchy music videos with colourful graphics putting the words  on screen. The vocabulary is repeated again in subsequent episodes as the characters put into practice what they have learnt in the lessons – often with hilarious results.

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