About Us

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.



Having been established in 2005 , its first project, an anti-human trafficking public awareness campaign centered around video-based training curriculum and a website dubbed stoptrafiking.or.id that served as provider of key information on safe migration for general public, migrant worker, activist and journalists, was nominated as one of the world’s best practices in the 2006 US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report. At present, the video and training curriculum is still used by Migrant Workers, NGOs and the Scout movement to campaign on safe migration particularly in East Nusa Tenggara while the website is being revamped with the support of European Union and IFRC.

Since then, OTMI has provided creativity and professionalism through project management, journalism & press relations training, video & radio production, conducting seminars, workshops and other public outreach events for clients such as CBAIC-USAID, British Embassy, British Council, European Union, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Bank, American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, United States Centers for Disease Control, United Nations Foundation, World Health Organization, ACILS/ICMC, Channel 4 (UK), CARITAS, IFRC, NDI, TIFA Foundation The Ministry for Women Empowerment and The Ministry of National Education. OTMI has helped its clients in reaching millions of people through its creative and user based public outreach methods

Our Mission
Applying user-based approach information and communication technology to help educate the public about particular issues that might threaten their lives, livelihoods or environment and how to best deal with such issues.

Our Vision
OTMI is committed to encourage a multistakeholder engagement which leads to a carefully crafted and participatory campaigns and initiatives which help materializing a well being, resilience and safe Indonesia.


As with any commercial products that require advertising and marketing to be accepted by the market, social actions also require similar strategies to attract the public. Advocation for behavioral changes and delivery of life-saving key messages also require a way to reach the public.

The use of effective, comprehensive, and creative communication practices and methods will allow any messages to be received better by the public. Good communication and social marketing will help increase public awareness and knowledge, which in turn will influence public attitude and behaviour, demonstrate good practices that need to be disseminated, show the importance of behavioural change towards a certain issue, gain more support on a movement/issue/program, and much more.

OTMI can assist agencies and institutions in efforts to spread messages and important issues more effectively, extensively, and efficiently through methods that are both innovative and up to date. These are the ways by which OTMI may assist your organisation:

Above the Line

We provide Public Service Announcements (PSA), features, dramas, documentaries, programs and profiles for both radio and television to inform and educate the public. Our carefully crafted campaigns focus on raising awareness and influencing behavior/attitudes.

Below the Line

We can help translate and print publications, posters or stickers. We can arrange powerful messages and logos on vests, t‐shirts, caps, bags, coffee mugs, clocks, whiteboards and other promotional items.

Video Production

We produce television and radio Public Service Announcements, soap operas, documentaries, video training curriculum and organization profiles. Our highly skilled directors, crews and editors produce international standard programs.

Training Videos

Videos are powerful training tools, especially for Training of Trainer initiatives to ensure that the information is accurate, relevant and remains consistent especially when passed on by inexperienced trainers.

Media Relations Training

Our workshops are designed to empower NGO’s and organizations to get their voices heard through the media. Participants learn what makes a good news story and how to respond to news. They receive tips on preparing for interviews and come face to face with journalists and crews as they practice staging press conferences and one‐to‐one interviews.

Journalism Training

Our courses have helped donors improve news standards in Indonesia and also to use the media as an effective tool to raise public awareness.


  • We have assisted anti terrorism police, politicians, NGO's and other organisations to work effectively with the media.
  • Analysis of a Measles immunisation campaign showed 96% audience recognition
  • Practices in the U.S State Department Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report in 2006.
  • Nominated for Best Practice for its bus headrest cover cartoon campaign to prevent bird flu by CBAIC/USAID in 2007-8.
  • In 3 years the items produced in our workshops have resulted in more than $4 million dollars worth of free public awareness output.
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